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Running a native tree nursery

For over ten years I have grown a variety of trees native to the West coast of the UK. To work in the community of landscape restoration folk repairing the damage caused by ten thousand years of agriculture. Initially the … Continue reading

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Bonds, Forest Bonds

The following is, as yet, just conjecture. But it’s a REDD+ type thought process I have to cross off against thinking of such certification of carbon sequestration quality groupings as “The Gold Standard” ( Forest bonds – issued with sole … Continue reading

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Watermelon talking, Lynas ranting, pitching, coming out Right.

My, isn’t life so complicated? I mean some dumb ass revisionist right winger (James Delingpole) writes a book (Reference irrelevant!) to mock the Green movement in general and the contingent campaigning against Anthropogenised Climate Change in particular. Surely a review … Continue reading

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Is this the second time this has happened?

You have these conversations. Been a quiet evening, tinkering. Daughter lounging on the couch, exhausted after over tiring school day, heightened by ever-increasing examination pressure. I walked into the room and a hackneyed film of a flock of Tyrannosaurus rex … Continue reading

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