The Butterfly Effect

Well, they talk of Brazilian butterflies changing history by merely flapping their wings, so here’s encouragement for more local, UK, butterfly wing flapping!

I cannot get to these events but wish them well. Maybe I’ll get one here in the North West soon, as well………

The flyer says:

“There are over 50 species of butterfly in the UK, along with more than 2,000 species of moth. Although they have mostly been in decline for the past 40 years, woodland owners are in a unique position to help support butterfly populations. With just a little work, it is possible to create small areas that will encourage their conservation.

We have arranged a series of free workshops for SWOG members in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation to discuss managing woodland for butterflies.

2 July Plattershill Wood, Horsham, West Sussex

23 July Longlands Wood (part of Tottington Wood)
near Small Dole, West Sussex

30 July Coombewell Wood, Lamberhurst, Kent

Each event will be from 1.30–4.30pm.

The workshops will be led by well known butterfly experts Neil Hulme and Steve Wheatley, who will explain in detail which species can be encouraged in each location and exactly what steps woodland owners can take to support them.

Take a look at our leaflet on managing woodlands for butterflies for more hints and tips.

Please email if you would like to attend.”

So, go if you can……..


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