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How do you price the tonne of carbon that, once burned, tips the balance and triggers catastrophic, irreversible global warming?

[I wrote this a couple of years ago for The Ecologist. They didn’t use it but, hey, I still like it. It was a valid question and emphasises the position of inevitable no return we seem to be sailing through … Continue reading

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Forest Gump and the Skepsies

Sometimes they just write themselves. I’m concerned about misinformation, short sightedness and unclear thinking in any debate. Certainly the climate issue is not uncommon in having background support for agents working to muddy the waters but $100,000,000 can buy a … Continue reading

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A Carbon Fixation.

[This is another slightly older text – 2009 – now updated, combed through and, I hope, broadening the contexting of present goals] Anthropogenic atmospheric carbon is spoken of as released annually on a 60:20:20 basis, as close as we seem … Continue reading

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